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Family and friends had realised and appreciated Dora's flair for baking long before Dora did. Dora baked regularly at home because she gained so much satisfaction from watching her family and friends enjoy her old style biscuits, cakes and savouries. 


After years of cajoling, Dora set up a stall at a few farmers markets and was pleasantly suprised by the positive feedback and enthusiasm she received from customers, needless to say the goodies would sell out in no time!


Dora was constantly reminded that most people have fond childhood memories of those home cooked biscuits, cakes and savouries baked by their mum's, aunties and grandmother's.


The more varieties Dora baked the more positive feedback and the greater the demand and word of mouth grew. Dora finally decided to set up her market stall at hospitals as this is where she obtains the most joy and feels she is giving something back to those great people who's role it is to help others.


Dora says, "It is great to see how excited the staff, patients and visitors get when they see me setting up my stall for the day. In most cases, hospitals are a place of sadness so putting a smile on someone's face and brightening up their day, even for a little while, is priceless".


Thankfully, Dora's 'old school' baked goodies will be around for some time as her daughter Christina has joined Dora in the kitchen and is carrying on with the traditional methods of baking as well as adding her own flair via some exciting new recipes bringing together the old with the new!


Dora and Christina say, "We love what we do and hope you will love it too! See you soon at Baked By Dora". 

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